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Fundraising is Changing
Are You Ready to Meet the Challenge?

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Business as usual is no longer an option.  Even as the number of donors shrinks and keeping donors is harder than ever, opportunity abounds.


Hundreds of millions of dollars wait on the sidelines each year for nonprofits with sufficient imagination to engage them.


We train you to perceive, prepare, adjust, and adapt.

You engage your philanthropic investors at the highest possible levels and retain them from year to year.


We Take You There in Three Steps:

First, Measure Your Efforts
Next, Master Your Strategies
Then, Multiply Your Revenue

It’s That Simple

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“Training available to everyone at the level they need when they need it.”

–Bill A,  Hospital CEO

Fundraising Pathfinder

Step 1

Measure Your Efforts

The Fundraising Pathfinder™

Not every fundraising strategy works in every situation.  There are no “right” or “wrong” strategies.  But there are strategies which support your goals and others which are sabotaging them.  Knowing how your efforts are working helps you become more successful.  Learn precisely where you are and how to reach where you want to go with our breakthrough tool.

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Just twenty-seven, simple, multiple-choice questions. Then share with us your organization’s goals.  Your report is immediately emailed to you.

Although simple and easy to take, the Pathfinder provides serious actionable insights and the right paths for you to pursue.

At the heart of The Eight Principles Fundraising Pathfinder is its breakthrough proprietary AI algorithm.

Unique in the industry, the Pathfinder accurately assesses your current fundraising situation.  It shows you your path to successfully grow and sustain your highest levels of revenue.

What are the fundraising efforts that are helping you?  Which ones are sabotaging you?

Interested in beginning a capital campaign?  Want to initiate or grow a major giving program?  Eager to put your annual cash giving program in high growth?  Determined to put a planning giving program in place?

The Pathfinder gives you your readiness for all of these and then shows you the path to achieve your goals.

Aspirational.  Powerful.  Big Picture.  A Clear Path Forward.

Discover Your Path to Success

Step 2

Master Your Strategies

Experiential Live Training

Our tools, training and insights provide the foundational elements crucial to building sustained giving, scalable fundraising and an engaged donor base.  Our live hands-on training removes the angst and clears the fog—for everyone.  Teamwork has never been so much fun.  Our training is unique–it’s experience based.  You learn by doing.  And it’s for your entire organization.

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Our live experiential learning sessions are created for executives, staff, board members and professional fundraisers.

Experiential and hands-on, they’re delivered in plain language with no off-putting jargon or fundraising-speak.  There’s no sitting in lecture settings staring at 12-point slides.

You learn through experience.  You work in small groups.  You learn by doing.  You measure what you learn against universal principles.  You create an action plan with accountability steps and move forward.

You gain the understanding to create the fundraising program which is right for your organization.

We get everyone engaged—from board room to reception desk.  We firmly believe effective fundraising is a team affair.  When there’s common understanding and commitment, you raise more money each and every year.

Four unique sessions give you the complete picture:

  • The Aha Moment (half day). Acquiring the right mindset for sustainable fundraising.

We call it the “Aha Moment” because understanding often comes in a flash!  As a board chair who participated said, “Now I get this.  Now I understand this.”

  • The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® (full day). The universal principles which govern all fundraising—everywhere

In the words of one participant, “I’ve been fundraising for years.  I thought I was doing pretty well.  Nothing compares with the insight I gained from this training.”

  • Creating Your Pathway (half day). How to build a road that leads your benefactors to their highest levels of giving, and keeps them there.

“As an experienced major gifts officer, I was blown away when I understood what the point of all the cultivation really is,” said one participant.

  • Capital Fundraising with The Eight Principles® (half day). Practical guidance on how The Eight Principles put campaigns into overdrive as they enlarge the permanent capacity of your fundraising program.

One executive director commented, “When I realized how my campaign today could impact giving in 10 years, I became a lot more confident about the direction of our organization.”

All our sessions are available for single delivery.  They are also available with our unique Train-the-Trainer continual learning platform with an on-demand license for you organization.  Contact us and we’ll help you select the best solution for your situation.

Our interactive sessions are continually updated and enhanced.  New experiences are added periodically.

Start Teambuilding
Interactive Training
Train the Trainer Facilitator

Step 3

Multiply Your Revenue:  Continuous Learning


Train-the-Trainer is our unique continuous training system which places our comprehensive expert-based, fundraising curriculum “inside” your organization. With your own in-house trainer and on-demand access for a single fee, it’s extremely cost effective.  Created to engage everyone in your organization it’s literally Principle 5 of The Eight Principles in action:  Work From the Inside Out.

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Our experiential, hands-on continuous learning curriculum is delivered effectively by your staff member–regardless of past fundraising experience.

With Train-the-Trainer we prepare your in-house facilitators to deliver The Eight Principles® learning experiences to your executive, staff, board members and fundraisers anytime—all the time.  Satisfaction among staff, professional fundraisers and board members increases.  Turnover dramatically declines.   Commitment and productivity increase.  Fundraising truly becomes the team project.

Starting with pre-work to learn The Eight Principles, your in-house trainer then receives three days of hands-on instruction in working effectively with adults and using The Eight Principles media materials to achieve superior learning that lasts.  You’re newly minted in-house facilitator is now fully equipped to deliver the full curriculum of Eight Principles training.

From this point, you’re able to offer continual training, as needed, to everyone in the organization.

You benefit from professional caliber training embedded in your own organization.   That’s unique in the nonprofit world.

Our training experiences produce outcomes which are higher in quality and create an unassailable fundraising machine within your organization.  And they do so while costing a fraction of typical training.

With a one-time training fee and a modestly priced annual license, your organization has unlimited access to deliver the entire Eight Principles training platform.  As improvements and enhancements are made, they immediately become a part of your Eight Principles portfolio.

With Train-the-Trainer, your organization’s understanding of and commitment to fundraising grows and grows.  The result?

Your organization continually raises more money.  Revenue that’s stable and predictable.

Make Success Permanent


Aspire to Be the Best

If you believe sustainable philanthropy is built on a foundation of authentic relationships between donor-investors and the organizations, they support.  If you know that the philanthropic pie only gets larger using this understanding.  Then an Eight Principles Certification may be for you.

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The Eight Principles Certifications are the only credentials that signify an expert understanding of relational philanthropy.

Everyone in a nonprofit organization—fundraisers, executives, staff, board members and volunteers—has a role to play in the fundraising drama.

The Eight Principles Certifications in relational fundraising are open to anyone—fundraisers, executives, board members, staff, and volunteers.

The Eight Principles Practitioner  (EPP)

Signifies you as an expert in relational philanthropy whether professional or volunteer.  The credential is awarded upon successful completion of The Eight Principles Curriculum and application with interview.

We get everyone engaged—from board room to reception desk.  We firmly believe effective fundraising is a team affair.  When there’s common understanding and commitment, you raise more money each and every year.

The credential is awarded upon successful completion of The Eight Principles Curriculum and application with interview.

For Fundraisers, Executives, board members, staff and volunteers.

The Eight Principles Facilitator  (EPF)

Signifies you as an expert in relational philanthropy with the skill to successfully deliver all The Eight Principles live training experiences.  The credential is awarded upon successful completion of The Eight Principles Curriculum, Facilitator Live Training, and application with interview.

For Fundraisers, Executives, Board members, Staff, and Volunteers.  Continuous Learning Facilitator or Certified Advisor Delivery license required

Become Certified
Aspire to be the best
Putting the Puzzle together

Answers to Your Questions

The Eight Principles live training experiences are unique in the nonprofit world. They make the sophisticated clear and simple.  They create the momentum and power to deliver your true fundraising potential.  They provide a seamless training and evaluation experience.

Click below to see answers to some the most frequently asked questions.

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What is Live Training?

Eight Principles Live Training is sophisticated, fundraising training that’s presented simply and clearly, making it appropriate for everyone in your organization.  Executives. Fundraising professionals.  Staff.  Board members.  Volunteers.

How is our live training different from other fundraising training?

Our live training is designed for adults.  It’s designed in the ways adults learn.  Less than 40% of the time is devoted to direct instruction.  Over 60%+ is participant activity.

Working in teams.  Active in exercises, third-person teaching, planning.  Focused on creating action plans and follow-up accountability.  It’s multi—media.  Live facilitator.  Video. Personal journal.  Case studies.

Will Live Training be right for my organization?

That depends.  Does your organization have a growth mindset?  Can your organization embrace change?  Is there a serious desire to improve—to be better?  When your organization embarks on a new project, does it have staying power to see it through?  Does your organization see philanthropy as a relationship between itself and the donors who invest in it?

If the answer to these is “Yes”, then Eight Principles Live Training is your gateway to sustained, scaling fundraising revenue.

What does a live training session look like?

Virtually all fundraising training is presented in traditional “classroom” settings or conference presentations.

                   Live Training is nothing like this. 

It’s not sitting, classroom style, in a stuffy hotel meeting room, listening to a speaker talk to 12-point slides.  It’s not attempting to understand stale comments laden with jargon and acronyms.  You work together in teams.  It’s all learning styles–auditory, visual and kinetic.  It’s goal oriented.  You get direction and see results immediately.

How do I enroll in LIve Training courses?

You can enroll in a LIve Training course two ways.  First, you can use a fundraising consultant or coach who is a Eight Principles Certified Facilitator deliver a session to the leadership and/or staff of your organization.  Second, using our continuous learning platform, Train-the-TrainerContact us and we’ll help you select the approach that’s best for you.

What is Train-the-Trainer?

Train-the-Trainer is a continual learning platform which makes the full Eight Principles live curriculum available any time, all the time to your organization.  For everyone in your organization.  It is the most affordable professional level training available.  It’s also the most effective as a trained member of your staff serves as an internal facilitator delivering the training on-demand.  All for a flat fee.  In a word, incredible.

What if my organization doesn’t have a full-time trainer or even professional fundraiser?

Virtually anyone in your organization can be trained to effectively deliver the full live training curriculum.  It’s our Train-the-Trainer program. At The Eight Principles, we know that, although skill is involved, being successful in fundraising is much more about mindset than skill set.

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