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Take Your Team To The Top

Team Prep

Live Interactive Fundraising Training Sessions

A comprehensive curriculum of highly-interactive sessions for your staff, governing board and volunteers.

Strengthen your fundraising program, improve your team’s performance and build a philanthropic culture.

Build a team with strong bonds; high levels of cooperation.  Greater influence.  Create smooth transitions.  Improve engagement of staff and board alike.

Sustainable fundraising comes alive through multi-media instruction, and group and individual exercises.  Offerings include:

The Aha Moment in Fundraising Puts your team in the right mindset and prepares them for The Eight Principles team approach to successful fundraising.  (one-half day)

The Full Eight Principles Gives your team a working knowledge of The Eight Principles while they create a 60-day action plan.  (one day)

Capital Fundraising With The Eight Principles™ Exceeding the goal is the LEAST of your objectives.  (one day)

Building The Pipeline Building a sustainable fundraising program that scales from the ground up.  (one day)

Take Your Team To The Top

Want to Deliver These Sessions Yourself? Check out our Strategic Partner™ and Learn & Live™ programs.

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