Seek and You (Won’t) Find

Seek Wont Find

Fundraisers are always seeking. The question is, what?

Well money, you say.

Yes, but.

OK, more of it.

Yes, but.

What far too many fundraisers are seeking is a miracle. The secret method that will eternally fix the problem of “never enough.”

This is what they will never find, simply because it doesn’t exist.

What you will find—if you’re looking—are the unchanging natural laws of fundraising and philanthropy. The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising®.

So, what good are lofty principles? I need to raise money (and quickly)!

It’s quite simple, really. By understanding the unchanging principles which are always operating and then working within them, you’ve eliminated what won’t work. You’ve streamlined the steps. You’ve eliminated dead ends and rabbit trails. You’ve discarded effort-intensive initiatives that deliver very little.

You’ve reduced the effort you must expend by at least 50%. That means you raise at least twice what you’re raising now with the same effort.

You create a paradigm which fits your situation and yet WITHIN the principles. By doing so, choosing the handful of methods that will work best becomes a slam dunk.

This doesn’t mean that achieving your fundraising vision is an effortless miracle—because it’s not.

What it is, is the way to real, lasting success.

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