Team Prep

Live Interactive Training That Puts Your Team where YOU want it to be

Live training sessions for staff, volunteers or leadership delivered when and where YOU need them.

Strengthen your fundraising program, improve your team’s performance and build a philanthropic culture.

Grow YOUR staff, board members and volunteers in both confidence and competence.

Sustainable fundraising comes alive in training through group and individual exercises:

The Aha Moment in Fundraising Puts your team in the right mindset and prepares them for The Eight Principles team approach to successful fundraising. (one-half day)

The Eight Principles Overview Gives your team a working knowledge of The Eight Principles—your fundraising game changer. (one day)

The Eight Principles Intensive Takes your team on the deep-dive into the world of relational philanthropy. (two and one-half days).  Ideal for board and executive retreats.

Team Prep is for

Nonprofit executives, fund development professionals and volunteers  Use Team Prep sessions for education, motivation or team building.

Nonprofit consultants  Become a certified facilitator and deliver Team Prep sessions and put your clients in the winner’s circle.

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