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Build Your Culture to Last

Get off the fundraising merry-go-round. Think evergreen fundraising.

Put all your team members, staff or volunteer, on the same page—and keep them there.

World-class live training whenever you need it. All in the comfort of your own location. Board and staff retreats, leadership training, and onboarding for new team members whenever and wherever you want.

The best part?

We train and certify a member of your organization to deliver Eight Principles curriculum. No more need for costly, time-consuming travel to off-site workshops or single topic, once-and-gone webinars.  Learn & Live is training that is always available, always ready.

The full, unmatchable Eight Principles curriculum keeps your tribe up to date and on point! Staff changes? New Board members? Never a problem. The Eight Principles is there to bring them up to speed.

Enjoy the unmatchable access and transformative power of high performance live training inside your organization.

Learn & Live is for

Nonprofit executives, fund development professionals or volunteers Learn & Live is the solution for growing and maintaining your culture.  Cost and time effective.

I want the power.

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