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  Emotional IQ


But There are Problems
  • Building confidence in working with donors
  • Juggling conflicting responsibilities
  • No organizational appreciation for philanthropy
  • Acquiring and keeping donors
  • Weak collaboration between fundraisers and executives
  • Getting the board to “get it”

Change Starts Here.
You Can Start Now. 

We show you how to solve the problems YOU’RE facing. Whether it’s building confidence with donors or getting your board to “get it”. We teach you the principles of sustainable fundraising while showing you how to build the team you want.

This is the only sustainable fundraising course you’ll ever need, created for you by one of the most successful relationship fundraisers in the U.S.

This is the ultimate guide to understanding the foundational principles which create meaningful, long-term relationships and unlock transformational giving opportunities.

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The Oracle League has everything you need to develop yourself and your team all in one place. And for a fraction of the cost of other fundraising tools.

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Get The Eight Principles you need to create sustainable fundraising in the real world. You’ll get over 50 videos across 9 modules.

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Self-paced exercises to complete to get you closer to raising more money, building deeper relationships and having a more fulfilling career. 

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Peer learning in an exclusive online forum plus live monthly group coaching calls. This is where consistent change happens. 

A game changer – priceless.

Julia, CA

Sophisticated yet simple.

Peter, WA
Eight Principles Fellow

Super easy to use. Love the live peer learning.

Gretchen, CA

Creates buy-in from everyone.


My board is fundraising.


Learn At Your Pace
In Your Space.

Larry C Johnson, Founder of The Eight Principles shares with you his entire Eight Principles framework, developed over three decades of successful fundraising and organizational leadership experience.

He’s not a coach.  He’s not someone who spent just a few years as a fundraiser and then built an online course.

Larry’s been in philanthropy for 30 years, starting with Ketchum—at the time the world’s leading fundraising consultancy.  Over the next twenty years, he was blessed to partner with amazing philanthropists, board members, fundraisers and organizational leaders at places like SUNY, Niagara University, Houghton College and Kettering University.

During that period, using The Eight Principles, he led teams which raised over $500,000,000 and created long-term philanthropic cultures which have allowed those organizations—and many others to—to continue raising record sums.

And this is what he wants to pass on to YOU.

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