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  Emotional IQ

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting, we show you how to

 Build confidence in working with your donors.

Juggle competing responsibilities with skill.

Create an appreciation for philanthropy within your organization.

Acquire donors with ease while keeping the ones you have.

Instill strong collaboration between fundraisers and executives

Unify and strengthen your board.

And Raise Much More Money–Consistently

Your Fundraising Success Starts Here

Experience the Sample Topic

Your Relationship With Money

  • Learn how your views on money impact your fundraising success
  • Discover how to avoid common mistakes when engaging donors
  • Identify your stumbling blocks–and how to remove them
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These courses are incredible.  Absolutely the best!

-Paul, Senior Fundraising Executive

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We show you how to solve the challenges YOU’RE facing.

Want to build confidence with donors?   Need your board to “get it”?   Want to reach the “right” donors?  We’ve got you covered.  We show you how to create the fundraising program you want.

These courses are career makers! 

Our on-demand curriculum is your guide to unlocking transformational giving. The courses and materials are all in plain English.  Perfect for volunteers and board members, as well as professional fundraisers

This is the only sustainable fundraising training you’ll ever need, created for you by one of the most successful relationship fundraisers in the U.S.


Here Are The Courses You Need

Courses are at a professional level yet in plain language and easy to understand. They are grouped in five subject areas: leadership, strategy, messaging, emotional IQ and growth. Purchase the full curriculum for 40% less than when modules are purchased separately.

No Bones Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 14 day full refund. Guaranteed.

Leading Yourself--And Others

  • Identify the right people
  • Create a leadership powerhouse
  • Groom your board
  • Expand your donor constituencies
  • Compound your revenue growth

18 videos, 19 exercises, 3 case studies, 2 podcast interviews, 3 quizzes

Eligible for 10 CFRE CE credits.

Creating Effective Fundraising Programs

  • Create a sustainable fundraising model
  • Move donors to their highest giving levels
  • Use events strategically
  • Establish meaningful benchmarks for growth

17 videos, 17 exercises, 3 case studies, 2 podcast interviews, 3 quizzes

Eligible for 10 CFRE CE credits.

Applying Effective Communication Strategies

  • Create messaging which communicates
  • Get your donors and supporters to respond
  • How to communicate your cause
  • Discover how philanthropy “operates”

17 videos, 19 exercises, 2 case studies, 3 podcast interviews, 3 quizzes

Eligible for 10 CFRE CE credits.

Developing Your Emotional IQ

  • Navigate donor dilemmas with finesse
  • Understand how donors think–what’s important to them
  • Identify stumbling blocks to success
  • Learn which donors are “golden”

17 videos, 19 exercises, 2 case studies, 3 podcast interviews, 3 quizzes

Eligible for 10 CFRE CE credits.

Creating Transformational Growth

  • Create strong and durable growth
  • Bullet proof your fundraising
  • Put your fundraising efforts in the right order
  • Achieve your growth potential

10 videos, 11 exercises, 2 case studies, 2 podcast interviews, 2 quizzes

Eligible for 6 CFRE CE credits.

The Eight Principles® Curriculum

  • Covers all the topics in all the courses listed above
  • Live orientation call with Eight Principles Founder, Larry C Johnson
  • Eight Principles Certified Practitioner Certificate issued upon completion

79 videos, 89 exercises, 14 case studies, 9 podcast interviews, 14 quizzes

Eligible for 46 CFRE CE credits.

The Complete Eight Principles Curriculum is offered at a 40% savings under the price of individual course purchases.

All courses eligible for CFRE CE credit.

Our on demand courses have everything you need to develop yourself and your team all in one place.

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Easy to Follow
Training Videos

Get the powerful training you need to raise money sustainably.  Over 80 topics across 5 courses.

Interactive Self
Paced Exercises

Self-paced exercises that help you raise more money, build deeper relationships and have a more fulfilling career. 

Exclusive Podcasts

Interviews with outstanding philanthropists and fundraisers who share what makes philanthropy work.

A game changer – priceless.  Was closing 7 figure gifts in 30 days.

Julia, CA
Development Professional, Environmental

Sophisticated yet simple.  You know you’ve come to the right place.

Peter, WA
Strategic Growth Executive, Human Services

Super easy to use. Love the practical approach.

Gretchen, CA
Community Leader

Creates buy-in from everyone.  Quickly.

Sachin, India
International Education Consultant

As a result of these courses, my board has embraced fundraising for the first time.

Shelli, ID
Executive Director, Youth Development

Learn At Your Pace
In Your Space.

Larry C Johnson, Founder of The Eight Principles shares with you his entire Eight Principles framework, developed over three decades of successful fundraising and organizational leadership experience.

He’s not a coach.  He’s not someone who spent just a few years as a fundraiser and then built an online course.

Larry’s been in philanthropy for 30 years, starting with Ketchum—at the time the world’s leading fundraising consultancy.  Over the next twenty years, he was blessed to partner with amazing philanthropists, board members, fundraisers and organizational leaders at places like SUNY, Niagara University, Houghton College and Kettering University.

During that period, using The Eight Principles, he led teams which raised over $500,000,000 and created long-term philanthropic cultures which have allowed those organizations—and many others to—to continue raising record sums.

And this is what he wants to pass on to YOU.

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