Nothing Comes from Nothing

Seems pretty obvious.  You put nothing in you’ll get nothing back.  And yet.  A lot of fundraising training out there claims just that.

It’s quick.  It’s effortless.  It’s a technique.  It’s three tips.  Those sorts of things aren’t fundraising training.  They’re hypnosis.  And when you wake up you wonder why you’re still running just to keep from falling farther behind.


It’s tactics before strategy.  It’s the lure of the “quick and easy”.  I’ll be frank.  Strategic fundraising is just that.  Strategic.  Tactics must support an overarching strategy if they are to be effective.  Choosing tactics before developing a long-term strategy will give you only momentary fundraising relief—if that.

Resist the temptation to fall for the hype.

“But I don’t have time to develop strategy,” you say.  “I need money NOW!”

How’s this for a comeback:  You’re spending 80% of your time in the forever hunt for resources and only 20% fulfilling your passion.  Yes—all those staff hours you commit to your fundraising events are costing you big time.  Labor is not free and when it’s misdirected, it costs you double.

Now let’s invert that ratio.  How about spending 20% of your time fundraising and 80% delivering on your passion.  That’s what strategic fundraising does for you.

So how do I do “strategic fundraising?”  Get training that stresses fundraising principles not techniques.  Avoid the trending techniques and tips.  They are like quick sugar highs.  They rise quickly, then fall dramatically leaving you worse off than before.

“How do I understand what to do next?”, you say.  Start by learning the principles.  Take the time and make the investment in fundraising training that takes you step by step to a higher, more permanent plane.  Imagine being out of the valley where each step is a struggle and on the mountain top where you can see it all.

You know, it’s not complicated.  But strategic fundraising is exacting.  You must follow the recipe closely.  Just any old thing won’t work.  Nor will one technique—not matter how trendy—work for everyone.  There’s a better than 50% chance it WON’T work for you.

So, I encourage you to get serious and get off the treadmill.  Put yourself on the cable car to the top of the mountain.  They ride is a lot easier and the view a heckava more gratifying.

When selecting fundraising training, choose that which teaches strategy and shows you how to select your OWN techniques.  Strategic fundraising is just that “strategic”.

You can choose a few bright shiny things.  Make sure first of your guiding principles then choosing the right shiny thing becomes easy.

Nothing comes from nothing.  If it’s frothy and quick, it’s worthless.  Your passion deserves better.  And the good part?  There so much substance out there.  More resources than ever before.

Get fundraising training that teaches strategy and you’re ready.  Ready to go forward to yet a higher mountain.  How does a permanent increase of up to 600% in annual revenue with less than half the sweat and time sound to you?

It’s your choice.

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