Not For You

When was the last time a nonprofit or well-meaning charity responded to your casual gift with a “Thanks, but this may not be for you,” as they gracefully declined your offering.

Huh? Your probably thinking, “Did I hear you right?”

Yes. Far too many nonprofits are in the business of pleasing anyone and everyone when they ask others to support their cause. Not that these efforts don’t raise money.   They do.

The dark side of this bargain, however, is that such approaches raise much, much less, over time, than a fundraising program focused on identifying those that seriously support your cause because they seriously believe in it.

Look at any nonprofit organization that has a fundraising program, which not only raises money, but raises more-much more—of it every year. You’ll see Principle 5 of The Eight Principles™ in action.

Simply stated, Principle 5, Work from the inside Out™, is to build your fundraising network beginning with those who are to closest your organization through relationship and reason to give.

Sure, they may welcome gifts from everyone but make no mistake about it, they are keenly aware of those who have the best reasons to support them and reserve their very best efforts to build relationships with these stalwarts. There’s a unique fundraising idea.

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