Moving Away from Nonprofit Industrialization—hurrah!

boxiconEver since the Dan Pallotta TED talk went viral, more and more people are adopting the theme that what’s important for charitable organizations is that they get worthy and meaningful results not just achieve mediocrity efficiently.  Many of us who work in and around the charitable community have been trumpeting the need to focus on results rather than just costs, for years.  Thanks, Dan for putting the discussion over the tipping point.


The world has moved beyond the industrial age.  Entire industries and the organizations that support them have become endangered species or outright dinosaurs.  Philanthropists, especially those under 40, are making “outcomes” and “accountability” their watchwords.  They’re not referring to the double-decimal point efficiency ratios and convoluted cost algorithms the nonprofit watch-dog organizations invented.  It is human change and involvement to which these terms are applied.


Industrial backgroundNonprofit leaders who seem a bit bewildered by it all only have to look to the information economy to see where it’s headed next.  Those who want their organizations and the work they do to remain relevant will adapt—and quickly.   Those who prefer the age of industrialization and the comfort of sameness that it brings can also see their future.  The rest will be history—as in past tense.


Principle 4 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Learn & Plan™.  First learn who would support you by virtue of what you do and how well you do it, then plan how to reach these potential partners.  They will tell you what you need to know.  Just ask.

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