Looking for Donors

Good “prospecting”, as the professional development officers say, is much more like a well-guided trek with an experienced guide than a treasure hunt.  Unfortunately, you’d never know it if you simply observed how many nonprofits go about seeking new supporters.

For far too many charitable organizations, discovering new potential supporters and bringing them into the fold is the proverbial treasure hunt.  Look under every rock, travel down every path.

Gaining new donors has never been about “everyone” and “everywhere.”  There are plenty of supporters that you don’t even want—but that’s a subject for another time.

Being smart about seeking new donors comes from knowing yourself first then, seeking those that share your dream.

Principle 4 of The Eight Principles™ is Learn & Plan™.  Learn who would support you by values and vision then plan how to reach them.  Go where your prospective investors hang out.  They won’t be everywhere.

You can certainly gain new supporters by the treasure hunt approach.  You also waste a lot of time and money for little return.  Yours is an important cause.  Take the time to Learn & Plan™.

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