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Build A Kick-Ass Fundraising Culture

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Want to build a kick-ass fundraising culture? One that delivers today and tomorrow? In good times and in bad? Take three simple steps:

• First, pinpoint your location on the fundraising map.
• Next, train your people the right way.
• Finally, make it live inside your organization.

It’s that simple.

The Fundraising Map

Answer a few easy questions and share your dreams with us.  Our fundraising map, The Four Corners Profile™,  pinpoints your location and shows you the path to lasting fundraising success.  Simple but oh so powerful.


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You answer twenty-four, multiple-choice questions, and provide your organization’s five-year goals.  We measure how sustainable your current fundraising is and also how quickly it can scale upwards.

We deliver The Four Corners Profile™ report to you showing your organization in one of four corners: “Thumb’s Up”. “Questioning Face”. “Money Bag”. “Bomb”.

Along with identified strengths and weaknesses, we show you the sequence of macro steps you’ll need to take to achieve your goals.

Aspirational.  Powerful.  Big Picture.  A Clear Path Forward.

Eight Principles Live Interactive Training

You know effective fundraising requires teamwork.  No mystery here.  The trick is getting everyone going in the same direction with a common understanding and purpose.  Our live interactive training removes the angst and clears the fog—for everyone.  Teamwork has never been so much fun.


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Our live training is designed for adults.  No off-putting jargon or fundraising-speak.  No sitting in lecture settings staring at 12-point slides.  Working in small groups, you learn by doing.  Measuring what you know against universal principles, you create an action plan for moving forward.

We show you how The Eight Principles gives you the active understanding to create the fundraising program that is right for your organization.  We get everyone engaged—from board room to reception desk.

Four unique courses give you the complete picture:

  • The Aha Moment (half day). Acquiring the right mindset.
  • The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® (full day). The universal principles that govern all fundraising—everywhere
  • Creating Your Pathway (half day). Building a road to lead your benefactors to their highest levels of giving, while becoming emotionally close to your organization—and staying there.
  • Capital Fundraising with The Eight Principles (half day). Practical guidance on how The Eight Principles put campaigns into overdrive while enlarging the permanent capacity of your fundraising program.

Eight Principles Train-the-Trainer

Budgets are limited.  People come and go.  No sweat.  No worries.  Our cost-effective train-the-trainer puts the entire Eight Principles training platform inside your organization.  With an in-house trainer and unlimited access, your team just gets stronger.

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Our interactive training curriculum can be delivered effectively by any staff member.  Starting with pre-work to learn The Eight Principles, in-house trainers then receive three days of hands-on instruction in working effectively with adults and using The Eight Principles media materials to achieve superior learning that lasts.

With a one-time training fee and a modestly priced annual license, your organization has unlimited access and delivery for the entire Eight Principles platform.  As improvements and enhancements are made, they immediately become a part of your Eight Principles portfolio.

With train-the-trainer, your organization’s understanding of and commitment to fundraising grows and grows.

Claim Your True Fundraising Potential!