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Build A Kick-Ass Fundraising Culture

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Building a kick-ass fundraising culture starts with an awareness of where you are. We custom fit our training to your organization. After taking our exclusive assessment, you’ll discover how your fundraising needs can be met through affordable and accessible training.

The Simple Assessment

Four Corners™ Profile

We keep it simple—but powerful.  With a few easy to answer questions, The Four Corners™ Profile tells you your exact needs—and the best way to gain reliable, growing revenues.

Live Interactive Training Sessions

Team Prep™

Interactive training sessions designed for YOU.  Busy professionals and volunteers who learn by DOING.  These are experiences that will adjust the way you think about nonprofit fundraising.  Simple, powerful, practical. These methods are shown to increase your revenues by bringing joy and fulfillment to the fundraiser and donor.  You have to have both.

Fundraising Training Embedded In Your Organization

Learn & Live™

Our fundraising strategies focus on your WHOLE TEAM—not just you.  Executive directors, staff, fundraisers, and board members. The most reliable fundraising—the kind that weathers the storms and continues to grow—relies on everyone.

We train members of your organization to deliver our interactive training experiences.  To everyone in your camp. As much as desired. With one-time facilitator training and an affordable license, you have the most powerful, training platform on the market.  Anytime. All the time.

Claim Your True Fundraising Potential!