Is It Worth It?

I’m always a bit surprised at some of our well-meaning nonprofits who, by the way they approach potential supporters, unwittingly send a message that what they’re offering really isn’t worth much.

We’ve all been there. Our nonprofit is always on the lookout for the free service, the discounted product to use toward our mission. Why not? It saves money. Don’t our supporters demand accountability. Who cares if it’s really what we need. It’s free and we’re a nonprofit. We can’t afford much.

Yes, being accountable to those who support us is important. Being prudent with our financial resources is also a good thing. Not a unique fundraising idea, perhaps, but certainly worthy.

Prudence isn’t always free or discounted, however. Sometimes, it costs a lot. Being a nonprofit doesn’t mean “no money”. It means our returns aren’t measured in financial terms. They’re measured in changed lives.

To get the best returns, you need the best tools. Make no mistake about it.   Your potential donors are asking the “worth it” question every time you reach out to them. The question is, are you?

Principle 8 of The Eight Principles™ is Invest, Integrate & Evaluate™. You get a return on your investments. How much of a return in changed lives do you want? Free (none), discounted or the best possible?

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