Is It Them—or us?

boxiconNonprofits often decry their lack of resources while trumpeting an ever-growing demand for their services.  The conventional wisdom is often that donors simply aren’t caring enough to want to help others; smart enough to understand how good your organization is; or even aware enough to appreciate the important work you do.

Choices arrows sketched on a chalkboardThere’s another possible explanation, however.  Perhaps your organization just isn’t good enough yet.  Yes, you read it right.  Perhaps you’ve not been reaching out to engage donors but merely begging or demanding from them.

Philanthropy is elastic.  There’s so much that’s available which simply isn’t being tapped—or appreciated.  Principle 1 of The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising® is Donors are the Drivers™.  Think about it.

If you’re not having much success assuming it’s them—try the alternative.

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