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Our training platforms provide mindset and framework for growing sustained, individual philanthropy in India.

Individual Philanthropy is Growing Dramatically.

For it to be sustainable, it must be built on the right framework.

Indians are, first and foremost, a relational people.  They want to be in relationship with others.  Indian culture is anchored in the values of gratitude, service, and devotion.

The Eight Principles is the foremost training platform in relational philanthropy.

As Eight Principles training is based in human nature and stresses the primacy of relationships, gratitude and service, it is ideal for India.

From Strength to Strength

Being in relationship with others is a natural strength of the Indian people.

Indian culture centers on the virtues of gratitude, service and devotion.

Encouraged by updated CSR and giving statutes, coupled with a growing middle class, individual philanthropy is growing at dramatic rates.

Into this fertile environment for philanthropy comes The Eight Principles.

Training in relational philanthropy, which is structured, interactive and grounded in known science of human behavior.

Self Paced, Onsite and Virtual Training Solutions
Which Transform Your Fundraising

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Onsite Training Solutions for Organizations

Learning by doing creates opportunities for synergy and instills permanence.

Learn inside your organization with your own facilitator on an ongoing basis. Choose one of your own to deliver The Eight Principles live training curriculum on demand. It’s sophisticated yet simple.  Suitable for everyone in your organization–professionals and volunteers. With a one-price license, your organization has unlimited curriculum access to train every member of your organization.

Our tools, training and insights

Provide the foundational elements crucial to building sustained giving, scalable fundraising and engaged donors .Our training is unique–it’s experience based.  You learn by doing.  Get full details HERE.

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The Eight Principles is group-based interactive training.

Fundraising programs which create sustainable, growing revenue streams involve virtually everyone in a nonprofit. It’s essential for each person to understand their role.

Created for adult learning, Eight Principles training platforms are sophisticated, using the most advanced methods and techniques, yet simple in presentation.  Suitable for individuals at all levels of fundraising involvement.

Eight Principles training focuses on first adopting the right mindset, then developing the right skill set.

The current curriculum is described HERE.

Onsite Solutions for Coaches and Consultants

Coaches, consultants and CSR executives deliver our onsite, interactive training to transform their clients’ thinking.

We call it “client readiness.”  As a coach, consultant, or CSR executive you spend a great deal of time preparing your clients and beneficiary organizations to understand and accept your best work.   Your goal is to make your clients better, more productive and achieve greater impact in their communities.

As a coach or consultant facilitator, you use our interactive training to remove the communication barriers to understanding for your clients, quickly enabling you to do your best work in record time.  Get full details HERE.

Virtual Training Solutions

Our Virtual Training is for everyone involved in fundraising.  Nonprofit executives. Fundraising professionals. Even community-based volunteers.

Whether you’re a professional fundraiser, nonprofit executive, board member or volunteer, our courses prepare you for outstanding success in relational fundraising.

Delivered on-demand in high-quality video lessons supported by downloadable PDF exercises these courses take you step by step. You raise more money immediately while building a growing, lasting revenue stream. We show you how to fundraise without fear.  Get full details HERE.

The Fellows of India

The Fellows of India is the leadership council for The Eight Principles.

Members of the Fellows are thought leaders throughout India in fundraising, philanthropy, CSR, and socially responsible business who are committed to the growth of relational philanthropy.

The Fellows are trained and qualified Certified Facilitators who employ The Eight Principles training platform in their service to the charitable sector.

The Fellows is a highly selective group with limited membership.

Admission to the Fellows council is by invitation only.

Nominate a Candidate
We are currently recruiting and accepting applications and nominations for the Fellows.  Recruitment is initially focused on the areas of Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.
If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone else for  Fellows membership, please contact

Mr. Sachin Mahadik

+91 98704 18396

Larry C Johnson

The Founder of the Eight Principles, will be in India speaking about The Eight Principles in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangaluru in February 2023.
More details on locations and dates to follow.

The Eight Principles' training platforms are available to foundations, CSR organizations, nonprofit consultants, coaches, and directly to nonprofit organizations.

The Eight Principles is a Corporate Member of the U.S. India Importer's Council,
which facilitates US-India Trade, and operates under the aegis of the US Commercial Service,
US Department of Commerce.

Meet Larry C Johnson

Our Founder

I believe in the power of relationships, in the power of philanthropy, to create a better place and transform lives.

I created The Eight Principles to give all worthy organizations the ability to fulfill their dreams–and the dreams of their investors.  We do this by showing them the path to sustainable, scaling fundraising success.   Whether a small community-based nonprofit or a large established one, your organization can achieve dramatic fundraising gains which are sustainable, permanent and scale.  With the right approaches, strategically applied, whole new vistas of opportunity open for you.

The much anticipated second edition of the book that started a new way of thinking will be published in India.


Larry Johnson, Founder, is the author of the award winning book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising

 Three national awards.   In over 1,000 libraries.   Textbook in two universities.

Updated and Expanded
To Be Released January 2023
Purchase Details to Follow

What People Are Saying About The Eight Principles

Gives you framework, motivation and tools to lead donors to the mountain.

D.C. Dreger

Excellent tool for professional staff and board members.

R. Gregg

“What’s been missing in the non-profit world

S. DeChenne

A powerful presentation of what fundraising really is

K. Foster

Incredible resource—simple but not simplistic.

B. Wilson

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members.

S. Robson

Amazing for either expert or the just curious.

S. Carver

Clarity, relevance, rigor, and smarts through a new and more helpful lens.

P. Drury

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