Heroes and the Machine—better go with the heroes.

When many nonprofits reach to out to ask others to support them, these organizations often tout their many programs designed to combat the many structural ills that beset society. What they don’t realize is that most donors really couldn’t care less.

Care less? Are you kidding? But the world is in dire straits and needs our programs and solutions, pronto. Maybe—maybe not. That really isn’t the question. Donors give out of deeply held values and beliefs—at least the donors that keep on giving. They want to know that their beliefs are being acted upon. They want to be partners in your cause—in your success. They really are not interested in your programs or your machine.

If you can give your investors a sense of shared victory of being intimately involved in a shared struggle of heroic proportions, you’re on your way to sustainable fundraising success.

Larry C Johnson

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