Here’s to Trouble. Bring it on.

fundraising success

I sat down with a client recently—one of my favorite clients—and was treated to a perspective that I dearly wish more nonprofit leaders would adopt.

Jim and I were reviewing the status of his fundraising program—and the major capital campaign that his organization is in the midst of.

Not a pretty picture by some standards.

He has lots of potential. A lot.


It’s one of those situations where you’re building the boat as you’re sailing it. Add a heavy sea and a couple of squalls and you get the picture.

What I find so refreshing about Jim is his resoluteness and steady focus. Every time I’m privileged to sit in his office, I walk away inspired.

No matter what the challenge, the unforeseen obstacle or even sudden wrench into the works, he sees these things as opportunity.

What’s the aphorism, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger?”

He never loses focus. He inspires his board. They cheer him on—even as they man the decks, themselves.

You see, fundraising success isn’t about money. It isn’t about fancy tools or the rolodex-to-die-for.

It’s about passion, focus and the willingness to see it through. And—to attract others to your cause with the same perspective.

Principle 3 of The Eight Principles™ is Leadership Leads™.

Get this right, as Jim has, and nothing will stop you.

Now that’s a sustainable fundraising idea!

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