Good Things Take a Little Longer—really

Fundraising programs that produce renewable, repeatable income; that expand over time are not built in a matter of months but in a matter of years. So it is with M. E. Grace. With the upcoming publication of the new book, The Eight Principles of Sustainable Fundraising, the firm will enter a new phase in its development, two years in the making.

M. E. Grace was founded to help charitable organizations achieve their true fundraising potential. The Eight PrinciplesTM brings together the essential principles that achieve the maximum renewable philanthropic revenue for any charitable organization. These axioms aren’t necessarily new, but putting them together in a clear, unambiguous way that is accessible to volunteers is.

Volunteers and investor-donors are the heart of philanthropy. Without them, we professionals would simply be out of a job.

With the publication of Eight PrinciplesTM , M. E. Grace reaffirms its commitment to relational fundraising and the volunteer leaders that drive it. Workshops and training materials using the Eight PrinciplesTM will enable volunteers—and even professionals—to fully access the power and potential of relational fundraising.

At this juncture, we had hoped that the firm would be rolling out its completely restructured web presence that supports this enhanced effort. Alas, good things do take a little longer. Rather than roll-out a half-completed site, We have chosen to bring the new site on-line only when it is fully tested and operational.

Thanks for your patience.


Larry C. Johnson
M. E. Grace & Associates