Giving Conundrum

It’s the classic chicken versus the egg. Which comes first, the need for the charitable gift or the gift itself? The proverbial conundrum.

The conventional wisdom says that worthy nonprofits need funds to deliver on worthy missions, therefore they must reach out to potential supporters to secure those funds.

The unique fundraising idea is this:

Philanthropists moved by the desire to make a better world seek out opportunities to realize that change, guided by their own visions. When they find something that’s close, they make a gift. When they find the exact match, they invest their wealth and their lives.

Better that your charitable organization is in the business of realizing the dreams of philanthropists than seeking “funding” for your programs. Both those whose lives you seek to better and those who want to be your partner will be the better for it.

The conventional wisdom is never the unique fundraising idea and rarely the most effective approach.

Principle 1 of The Eight Principles™ is Donors are the Drivers™. It really is about them, and not us.

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