Getting the most out of what you have

Many of the challenges we deal with regarding fundraising can be solved with the tools we already have in hand.

·     A small—and perhaps getting smaller—average gift size.
·     A retention rate with donors departing at level somewhere just above the chaos of Filene’s bargain basement.
·     Or the incredible shrinking pool of unrestricted cash giving.
·     Revolving door fundraising talent and/or board members

You most likely have the tools you already have in hand to solve each of these.

EXCEPT—for perhaps one thing.

The right frame of mind.


An organization whose members are totally aligned and understand their role in the fundraising drama. Whether major starring roles, walk-ons or roles with no lines at all.

All are all essential.

And you thought it was all about the “fundraisers.”

When everyone’s role is understood and played well, pure magic happens. 

When you implement such an alignment, what happens is pure magic—of an entirely predicable kind.   Independent research tested organizations with a budget of 100K to a budget over $10M shows outstanding gains achievable no other way.

We call it The Eight Principles Way™.  A suite of unique training experiences, organizational development activities and support like no other.

Simple, Accessible. Affordable.

We have the proof that it works.

The only question is: “Is it for you?” 

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.

Arrange a brief call and you’ll find out.