Getting Directions

In the fundraising world there are many, many talking heads ready to give you directions on how to build the best fundraising program.  For a price.
The “tips and techniques” crowd is pretty darn big.  There are lots of “tips and techniques” to share.
Some of these purveyors of directional wisdom actually have ideas of value.
Directions don’t live in a vacuum, however.  One size definitely does not fit all.
And yet, that’s the implication.  The one sure cure to what ails your fundraising.
Before any directions are of use you must know where you’re going.
This is the rub for most organizations.  They are so focused on getting the secret formula for success, they fail to appreciate that their success isn’t another’s success.
Follow me?
The next time you hear someone offer you the “Five essential fundraising strategies for 2017”, stop, look and listen.
Stop being enticed.  Look seriously at what you’re being offered. Listen to what your heart is telling you.  Know the underlying principles of sustainable fundraising, The Eight Principles™, construct the paradigm that works for YOUR organization, then choose the shiny car that will get you there.  In that order.
Remember, there are lots of cars on the lot.  You only want or need the right one—for you!

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