Getting Around Roadblocks

You’re a nonprofit coach.

And you’re pretty damn good at it.

You’ve a passion for your work.

It’s very worthy work.

But—sometimes your clients drive you bonkers.

Sound familiar?

The condition we’re speaking of is “cognitive difference”. (not to be confused with cognitive dissonance which is when people speak out of both sides of their mouths with incompatible statements.)

It’s not really a new thing. Or a fancy term.

It simply means that many of your clients are often way off center in their understanding of what fundraising is all about.

We know—and so do you—that to be truly successful requires the right understanding and mindset before you DO anything.

For you to do the work, you WANT to do with them—the work they desperately need and to get the outcomes they’re paying you for—you must FIRST align their understanding of what’s wanted and needed. That’s everyone in the organization just in case you wondered.

This is rarely an easy or straightforward task.  Two steps forward, one step back and an occasional sidestep.

It’s often harder—and more time consuming—than the work itself.  Like moving a mountain one shovelful at a time.

Some consultants give their clients books to read.  Good luck with that.

Others make a good-faith effort with presentations or short trainings to the board or fundraising staff.

The difficulty is these are all preformulated trainings focused on mechanics and logistics. 

That, as you know, is NOT where the REAL roadblock is.

The real obstacle is a lack of organizational alignment, understanding and awareness among board, executive and staff of how philanthropy drives fundraising rather than the other way around.

You could create such a curriculum on your own.

But why would you want to?

To do it right—to make it effective—takes hundreds of hours of professional staff time and tens-of thousands of dollars in production costs.

That’s time and money that will take you years to amortize.

Most nonprofit coaches and consultants have neither the time, money—or even the pedagogical expertise to do this.

But there is a solution. One that that yields outstanding outcomes in a timely manner and is cost effective for both coach and client.

The Eight Principles Coach Program.

A fully supported, program with a self-enclosed, multi-media curriculum using the most effective adult learning techniques incorporating the fundraising mindset that hands-down yields the highest, sustained revenue outcomes.

Why is it so effective?

It includes every member of a nonprofit’s staff and board.

It’s available for seamless repetition as staff changes.

It’s built on the fundraising paradigm that delivers the highest, sustained results, bar none. (Don’t just take our word for it.)

For a coach, it’s ideal.

Flexible and easy to use. Adjusts to your client’s needs.  At a price point that doesn’t require you to max-out your credit card.

You make it available to your clients using your own business model. You can even embed it into a client organization for a continuous learning experience.

Now you’re ready to blast off.

Refine your clients’ programs.  Get them firing on all cylinders.  Producing renewable income in ever increasing amounts.

Now you can take them where you know they can go—but would probably never get there without you.

Our platform may—or may not—be for you.

But—you’ll never find out unless you speak with us.  We don’t bite.

(We do know it works.)

We’ll give you the Cook’s Tour and then, together, we’ll assess whether it’s a fit.