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  Acquire a Competitive Advantage

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  Put Your Career Into Orbit

As a Facilitator Using Our Client Readiness Training,

You Crush Your Toughest Challenges While Growing Your Coaching or Consulting Practice.

"I'm always looking for the next gig. I want off the revenue roller coaster."

"I want better clients."

"I want to sell my expertise, not my time."

"I'd like to grow, but I can't take on any more clients--I'm at capacity."

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When You’re an Eight Principles Facilitator

You use our readiness training to prepare your clients for your best bespoke service while you invest less time. 

You attract higher quality clients. 

You create growing sustainable revenue.  You develop multiple revenue streams.

You’re paid for your expertise not your time.

Most nonprofit coaches and consultants run their practice like they’re training for the high-jump.

When you do the high-jump, you only just clear the bar. On your next run, the bar’s a little higher and you only just clear it again.

That’s most consultants. There’s a clear goal—but it’s right there. No higher.

The problem with this is you've actually set a very low goal for yourself.

To grow your practice sustainably without a ceiling, you go for the long jump.

With the high-jump, you’ve locked yourself into a business model that doesn’t allow you to grow.

You’re doing everything yourself. You’re holding yourself back by the way you’re thinking.

With the long jump, you leap as far as possible every time you run. There’s no limit other than the one you set for yourself.

This is how successful coaches and consultants generate huge growth in a short period of time.

With the Long Jump,

You Move Your Clients From DFY to DIY. 

“Do it For You” to “Do it Yourself”

Show Me How

With Our Client Readiness Training You Make the Leap Like Nothing Else.

Let’s Face It. . .

Most Nonprofits Aren't "Ready" For You

Very few nonprofit organizations are “coach/consultant” ready.

You often find yourself involved in meeting after meeting getting past client misconceptions and wacky fundraising ideas.  And you’re not even at the core project yet.

However, when a client is properly “prepped”, you do your best bespoke work. 

You’re recognized for your expertise.  Outcomes soar.  Your work becomes more valuable.

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To Be Effective, You Must. . .

Remove Roadblocks

Using our client readiness training program removes the roadblocks to your very best bespoke work.

As an Eight Principles facilitator, you employ a simple yet sophisticated training program that quickly prepares you client without investing lots of time.

The client gets clarity as their dysfunction is eliminated.  You move quickly to your core service.

You spend much less time identifying and vetting clients while drastically improving your effectiveness with them.

This is the first step to being paid—and recognized—for your expertise, not your time.  For the same or more fee.

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To Grow Sustainably, You Need to. . .

Retool for Growth

Let’s face it.  What got you to this point in your consulting business won’t help you get to the next milestone in your journey.

It’s a harsh truth that you know but hate to admit.

To accommodate the growth and smooth out the roller coaster revenue you’ll need to retool your business model.

With client readiness training you’ll acquire more and better clients–faster.

Think:  “Packaging” your skills and finding your market “sweet spot”.

Being an Eight Principles facilitator allows you to “package” your skills and expand your revenue without expanding the time your invest.

Using Eight Principles client readiness training helps you identify your market sweet spot.

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Get Paid For Your Expertise

Not Your Time

Becoming an Eight Principles Facilitator is Simple


Step 1

Complete an Application and Interview with a member of The Eight Principles Team

Step 2

Do the Prework using our Digital Curriculum

Step 3

Attend Immersive Training. Select and activate your Eight Principles license.

Step 4

Create the career or business you want.

An Eight Principles Certification Sets You Apart

We’re more than simply a vendor of services.  Through our unique training platforms, materials, videos and other personalized services, we become your trusted partner and provide you with resources that most consultants will never be able to develop on their own.  We build a relationship with you and demonstrate how you can acquire a deeper understanding of your clients leading to long-term enhanced service.

Become the Best in a Sea of Average

Being an Eight Principles Facilitator helps you stand out in a sea of fundraising coaches and consultants. You’ll spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy doing while getting transformational results.  Get paid for what you know–not your time.

Get Training & Ongoing Support

Becoming an Eight Principles Practitioner or Facilitator will enable you to deliver the best  results.  Eight Principles Facilitators benefit from support calls, webinars and peer events.

Boost Your Career and Grow Your Business

Scale your consulting business and enhance your services or tools business by providing unique value.  Identify your “sweet spot” market and vet clients quickly.  Increase your value in the marketplace by serving only your best clients.

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Hear from Ed, college president, fundraiser, consultant and now an Eight Principles Certified Facilitator

Eight Principles Facilitators Cover the Full Gamut
Of Coaches, Consultants and Trainers
From Newbie to Veteran
From 26 to 76.

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How Does It Work?

If you’re a coach, consultant or CSR leader who serves the non-profit community, being an Eight Principles Facilitator employing our client readiness training will benefit you in your business.

When you’re a licensed Eight Principles Facilitator you have unlimited access to the Eight Principles live team training curriculum.  Use it as often as you want with as many clients as you want.

Each license includes initial training and is available in a one-year or three-year renewable term.  Each license provides unlimited on-demand use of the educational media and downloadable participant materials.  Each facilitator receives quarterly live support sessions during the term of the license.  Enhancements and additions to the curriculum and teaching media are included during the license term.


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Answers to Your Questions

The Eight Principles Facilitator program is unique.  It provides nonprofit consultants and coaches with the opportunity to build their practices while preparing clients to accept their very best work.

Click below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

Click for the Answers to Your Questions

I’m pretty much a one-person shop.  Will using The Eight Principles client readiness training enable me to manage more clients concurrently and keep them longer?

Yes.  Our training platform is specifically designed to quickly prepare clients to receive your best work.  In doing so, you’re spending far less time hand-holding and much more delivering your expertise.  Thus, you’re able to handle more concurrent clients.  You also become your clients’ trusted advisor thereby retaining your clients far longer.

I have some experience in fundraising.  Can I use my experiences and examples with The Eight Principles teaching materials or do I have to use them lock-step as delivered?

The beauty of The Eight Principles curricular materials is their high-level of flexibility and adaptability.  When you maintain the fidelity to the Principles, you can insert your own experiences and re-arrange materials as it suits the particular situation.

Is the Client Readiness Training Certification for an individual or can it be for more than one individual in a firm, especially a small firm with 3-4 consultants?

Certification is for an individual.  It is permanent.  Certified Facilitators in a firm can lead facilitator training for others in the same firm.  The license to use the curriculum is with the firm.

I’ve been a marketing and communication consultant and work with fundraising consultants all the time.  I am considering focusing on being a fundraising consultant.  How will The Eight Principles Client Training help make this transition?

Client readiness training shortens the time and reduces the effort you have to expend to get your clients ready for serious work.  By building on your expertise in communications and marketing, you have a natural advantage in using the platform effectively.

The fundraising training that’s out there all seems the same.  How is Eight Principles training different from other fundraising training?

Eight Principles Training is unique in three ways.

First, it works to transform dysfunctional mindsets which severely limited fundraising success.  Second, it’s created for adults.   The sessions actively engage every participant.  Participants work in small groups, not sitting passively classroom style.  They use all five learning modes:  visual, kinetic, written, aural, group participation.  They’re action based and goal oriented.  Third, they’re suitable for everyone in an organization–from the most senior board member to the most junior staff person.

Is there a ‘network’ of Certified Facilitators?  A group where professionals can share information and experiences?

Yes.  There’s currently an informal network that we can enable you to tap.  We’re also developing a formal program including online, web resources and live conferences.

I don’t live in the United States.  How can I participate in The Eight Principles training and certification process?

Currently Eight Principles live training and certification is available in the US and in India.  Go HERE for information on how to contact us for availability in your area.

Is certification as an Eight Principles facilitator permanent?

Once you’ve obtained certification, you’ll always retain the credential.  You’re encouraged to participate in facilitator conferences and work groups to maintain and enhance your skill.  In order to use The Eight Principles curriculum with clients you will need to have an active use license.  Licenses are for either one or three year terms.

What sort of support from Eight Principles is available?

We want you to succeed.  Eight Principles Facilitators with current licenses receive quarterly active support calls from a client success representative.  If you’re having a particular challenge, help is only an email or phone call away.

What does an Eight Principles Facilitator license cost?

Eight Principles Facilitator licenses are sold as a package with an initial facilitator training.  They are activated for one and three year terms.  The cost of a one-year license typically produces an ROI in the range of 200%-400%.

focus on fundraising value not cost

As a Facilitator You Receive

  • 2.5 Day Live Eight Principles Immersive Training
  • Unlimited access to the Online Eight Principles Fundraising Course
  • Exclusive access to The Eight Principles Certification online resource center
  • Invitations to Eight Principles conferences and online work groups
  • All facilitator manuals and pro versions of The Eight Principles Team Training Curriculum
  • Unlimited access to the SaaS client training platform
  • Access to The Eight Principles Community
  • The premier credential in relational philanthropy.

Still Have Questions?

We’ll answer them and give you the full scoop.

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  • Get the best results for your clients

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