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Who Should Become Certified?

Fundraising Professionals

If you believe and practice relational philanthropy, an Eight Principles certification is the only credential that signifies both your approach and expertise in the field.  It also puts you in the company of  like-minded professionals.

Nonprofit Executives and Board Members

As a nonprofit leader when you have a commanding understanding of relational philanthropy, you lead from strength to strength.  You realize that the sky is truly the limit.

Coaches and Business Serving Nonprofits

Differentiate yourself by providing your clients additional value with a proven solution to enhance their fundraising.  Your client relationship becomes even stronger.

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Certified Practitioner or Facilitator.
Which is best for you?


Relational Philanthropy Professional
  • Gives you the firmest possible platform for conducting transformative fundraising
  • Puts you in connection with other top fundraisers and philanthropic thought leaders through Eight Principles workgroups and conferences.
  • Unifies and strengthens the skills you currently possess while adding new ones
  • Establishes you as the relational fundraising expert


Relational Philanthropy Trainer
  • All of the benefits of a practitioner plus:
  • Makes the full Eight Principles Continuous Learning live platform available for you to teach others, either to transform your organization or to enhance business
  • Develops your skills in presentation and training.
  • Gives you proficiency in the most effective methods for teaching adults
  • Establishes you as the go-to trainer
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Becoming Certified is Simple

Effective Fundraising Consultants

Step 1

Complete an Application and Interview with a member of The Eight Principles Team

Step 2

Do the Prework and Attend Immersive Training

Step 3

Create the career or business you want.

Step 4

Enjoy your success.

Hear from Ed, college president, fundraiser, consultant and now an Eight Principles Certified Facilitator

What does it TAKE to build a successful consulting career?

We’ve identified 3 skills every consultant and advisor should have. These skills help you:
  • Make your clients love you
  • Give the best advice
  • Retain clients longer while gaining more referrals
  • Get the best results for your clients

Download Three Skills Every Consultant and Advisor Should Have

    Three Things Consulants Need to Know
    Training to be a Certified Advisor

    How Does It Work?

    Whether you’re a fundraiser, nonprofit executive, a coach, or have a business which serves the non-profit community, The Eight Principles certification program will benefit you in your career and business.


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    The Eight Principles has quickly become one of the most trusted names in relational philanthropy.

    Created by award-willing author Larry Johnson, The Eight Principles has helped hundreds of organizations who have reported doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling their fundraising revenue while spending less, not more, on their fundraising efforts.

    Eight Principles certifies a select number of professionals each year.  An Eight Principles certification gives you the firmest possible platform for practicing relational philanthropy.  As a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization.  As a coach who serves nonprofit clients.  As a provider of fundraising tools or services.

    As a practitioner, certification unifies and strengthens the skills you currently possess while adding new ones.  It establishes you as the relational fundraising expert.

    As a facilitator, certification develops your skills in presentation and training.  It gives you proficiency in the most effective methods for teaching adults

    It’s simple to become an Eight Principles Certified Advisor:

    1. Complete our brief online application.
    2. Have an exploratory conversation with a member of our team to learn which certification is best for your situation.
    3. Receive your training and get to work building your career as a fundraiser or enhancing your business as a professional who serves nonprofits.

    Apply to become an Eight Principles Certified Practitioner or Facilitator today.

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    Answers to Your Questions

    The Eight Principles professional certifications are unique.  They are the only credentials dedicated to both professional acumen and the development of authentic relationships between philanthropic investors and the organizations in which they invest.

    Click below to see answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

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    Which certification is best for me?

    -The Practitioner certification demonstrates both your acumen and belief in relational philanthropy.  If you’re a practicing fundraising professional, no other certification puts you in the relational space.  The Practitioner certification also puts you in contact with other like-minded professionals and enables you to participate in Eight Principles interest groups and continuing education webinars.

    -The Facilitator certification gives you the ability to teach The Eight Principles ideas and philosophy to others.  If you’re a fundraising coach who ascribes to relational philanthropy, The Eight Principles Continuous Learning platform is an excellent tool to aid your work with your clients.  If you’re on staff in a charitable organization a Practitioner certification enables you to provide continual training to everyone in your organization.

    Is certification permanent?  What must I do to maintain it?

    Both certifications are permanent.  The only requirements to maintain your certifications are:

    -For Practitioners, attending a least one continuing education webinar per year and one practitioner/facilitator conference every two years.

    -For Facilitators, delivering at least one Eight Principles team training experience per year and attending one practitioner/facilitator conference every two years.

    How much does certification cost?

    -For Practitioners, the initial fee is $1,495. The fee includes the full Eight Principles digital curriculum, initial coaching session, and final coaching session.  Certificate upon completion.  CFRE credits awarded.

    -For Facilitators, the initial fee is $4,500 which includes the full Eight Principles digital curriculum and two-and-one-half-day live training inclusive of materials.  Certificate upon completion.  CFRE credits awarded.  In addition, organizations (or coaching firms) are required to maintain a delivery license, renewable annually.  That fee is dependent on the operating budget/revenue of the organization.

    focus on fundraising value not cost

    Still Have Questions?

    Give us a call.  We’re here to supply whatever you need.

    An Eight Principles Certification Sets You Apart

    Become the Best in a Sea of Average

    The Eight Principles Certification helps you stand out in a sea of fundraising professionals. You’ll spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy doing while getting transformational results.

    Get Training & Ongoing Support

    The Eight Principles framework helps nonprofit organizations grow fast. Becoming an Eight Principles Practitioner or Facilitator will enable you to deliver the best  results.

    Boost Your Career or Grow Your Business

    Boost your fundraising career, scale your consulting business or enhance your services or tools business by providing unique value.  Whatever the case, Eight Principles Certification will increase your value in the marketplace.

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    What You Get with Certification

    • 3 Day Live Eight Principles Immersive Training (Practitioner and Facilitator)
    • Access to the Online Eight Principles Fundraising Course (Practitioner and Facilitator)
    • Exclusive access to The Eight Principles Certification online resource center (Practitioner and Facilitator)
    • Invitations to Eight Principles conferences and online work groups (Practitioner and Facilitator)
    • All facilitator manuals and pro versions of The Eight Principles Team Training Curriculum (Facilitator)
    • Significant revenue shares and residuals on The Eight Principles products you sell to clients (Facilitator)
    • Access to The Eight Principles Community (Practitioner and Facilitator)
    • The premier credential in relational philanthropy (Practitioner and Facilitator)