Are Your Fundraising Efforts Supporting or Sabotaging Your Success?

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  Gain A Competitive Advantage

  Be the Go-To Trusted Advisor

  Grow Your Business

Who Should Become an Eight Principles Certified Advisor?

Established Consultants

If you have an existing clientele, The Eight Principles deliverables enhance your work by paving the way for you to demonstrate the added value of your expertise.

Consultants Looking to Grow

Build your consulting business by taking your clients through a proven paradigm-shifting framework. Our certification program will give you a foundation.

Vendors Serving Nonprofits

Differentiate yourself by providing your clients with a proven solution to enhance their fundraising making your products and services more valuable.

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Becoming an Eight Principles Advisor is Simple

Effective Fundraising Consultants

Step 1

Complete an Application and Interview with a member of The Eight Principles Team

Step 2

Do the Prework and Attend Immersive Training

Step 3

Create the business and career your want.

Step 4

Enjoy your success.

Hear from Ed, college president, fundraiser, consultant and now an Eight Principles Certified Advisor

What does it TAKE to build a successful consulting career?

We’ve identified 3 skills every consultant and advisor should have. These skills help you:
  • Make your clients love you
  • Give the best advice
  • Retain clients longer while gaining more referrals
  • Get the best results for your clients

Download Three Skills Every Consultant and Advisor Should Have

    Three Things Consulants Need to Know
    Training to be a Certified Advisor

    How Does It Work?

    Whether you’re a new fundraising consultant, one with an established business or a business that serves the non-profit community, The Eight Principles Certified Advisor program will strengthen your business and position you to meet your larger business goals.

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    The Eight Principles has quickly become one of the most trusted names in relational philanthropy. 

    Created by award-willing author Larry Johnson, The Eight Principles has helped hundreds of organizations who have reported doubling, tripling and even quadrupling their fundraising revenue while spending less, not more, on their fundraising efforts.

    Eight Principles is certifying a select number of Advisors each year.  An Eight Principles Certified Advisor can consult with individual organizations to help them make the cultural paradigm shift to relational, strategic philanthropy.  This opens the door for advisors to provide longer and more effective service for their clients’ broader fundraising needs. Businesses who serve the nonprofit community become the service provider that has the edge–the one offering context and direction.  Their clients become smart consumers while the the clients’ loyalty grows dramatically.

    It’s simple to become an Eight Principles Certified Advisor: 

    1. Complete our brief online application. 2. Have an exploratory conversation with a member of our team.  3. Receive your training and get to work building or enhancing your consulting or advising business.

    Without a framework, you’re just delivering fundraising advice.  Your clients are looking for more. They’re looking for a proven approach they can trust to deliver sustained results.  Now, they’re often just going from quick fix to quick fix. Becoming an Eight Principles Certified Advisor enables you to quickly gain their attention and trust.  With your clients’ trust and focused attention you’ll do your very best work.  You’ll strengthen and lengthen your client relationships.

    Apply to become an Eight Principles Certified Advisor today.

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    An Eight Principles Certification Sets You Apart

    Gain A Competitive Advantage

    The Eight Principles Certification helps you stand out in a sea of consultants and advisors. You’ll spend more time doing the work you actually enjoy doing for your clients while giving them better results.

    Get Training & Ongoing Support

    The Eight Principles framework helps nonprofit organizations grow fast. Becoming an Eight Principles Certified Advisor ensures you’ll deliver advice that gets results for your clients.

    Grow Your Business

    Scale your consulting into a business or add Eight Principles certification to your repertoire of coaching deliverables. Either way, Eight Principles will increase your value in the marketplace.

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    What You Get with Certification

    • 3 Day Live Eight Principles Immersive Training
    • Access to the Online Eight Principles Marketing Roadmap Course
    • Access to the Online Eight Principles Fundraising Course
    • Exclusive access to The Eight Principles Advisor online resource center
    • All facilitator manuals and pro versions of The Eight Principles Team Training Curriculum
    • Significant revenue shares and residuals on The Eight Principles products you sell to clients
    • Access to The Eight Principles Community