Fundraising Home Depot® Style

If you are a homeowner—or a “project” guy or gal, you’re familiar with Home Depot. The DIY behemoth founded by Bernard Marcus and Arthur Blank.

I love to do home projects.  HD is like a candy store for me.

Arriving at the store, the variety and scope of what’s on offer from building materials, tools, even appliances are staggering.  If I’m not careful, I find myself wandering the aisles looking at all the “cool” and “new” stuff”.

When I find myself “wandering” I know I’m in the danger zone.  This kit.  That tool.  Oh, and the fittings for the project I’ve been “thinking” of doing.  Pretty soon, my cart is filled with a lot of STUFF that I really didn’t come into buy.

But I’m convinced I need it.

It’s only after I get home that the buyer’s remorse begins to set in.

Just what did I buy?  And how am I going to use it?

When nonprofit leaders think about fundraising, they often focus on tools first.  They often do the “home-depot cruise” buying their tools first. After all, buying tools gives the appearance of purpose and progress.

Before they’ve created a solid fundraising plan—both tactical and strategic—they’ve already been down to the store and come back with some great “buys”.  A new CRM.  Prospect screening platform.  Mail client. Research subscriptions.  The list is almost endless.

Each of these things can be useful.  And why not?  The sales guy waxed on and on about all the features and how it would make our fundraising (almost) effortless.

But are they really for YOU?  In the hands of the uniformed, tools RARELY live up t their promises.

Before acquiring ANY tools or services, FIRST know what you REALLY need.

When building a fundraising program first create it mentally.  Get your organization totally aligned where everyone’s role is understood and played well.

When you implement such an alignment, what happens is pure magic.   Independent research tested organizations with a budget of 100K to a budget over $10M shows outstanding gains achievable no other way.

It’s quicker and easier than you think when you use what we call The Eight Principles Way™.  A suite of unique training experiences, organizational development activities and support like no other.

Simple, Accessible.  Affordable.

There’s no question it works. We have the proof.

The only question is: “Is it for you?”

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.