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Discover Where You Are Today

Four Corners™ Profile

Tells you where your fundraising is and takes it where you want to go

Daringly simple, the first step is to complete our exclusive Sustainable Fundraising Matrix™.

In less than 30 minutes, we determine the health and growth potential of your organization’s fundraising program. Are you sustainable? Can you scale?

We then create your Four Corners™ Profile.

You’re in one of the Four Corners.   We tell you where you are then share clear, macro steps to take your program to where you want it to be.

We design a modular, structured coaching program for YOUR needs. An Eight Principles Certified Coach™ keeps you on track and on target.

As your fundraising program grows, your impact and influence grows.  More good.  More opportunities to help others. 

Wherever you want to be we’ll get you there.

Like using a map or GPS, your road to success starts by knowing where you are.

No wasted motion.  No false starts.  No grab-bag choices.

Whether your fundraising needs are capital, operating, or program growth, Four Corners™ Profile shows you the straightest, easiest path to lasting success.

We make positive change easy and bring greater stability to your organization.

Your coach is an Eight Principles certified fundraising professional who believes in the transformative power of The Eight Principles™.

Getting started is easy, almost effortless and more affordable than you think.

Discover Where You Are Today
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