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Fundraising Made Simple Webinars hosted by Larry C Johnson, Founder of The Eight Principles, are brief one-topic sessions taking on the current hottest questions in fundraising. In fifteen minutes, Larry provides insight and ideas on a subject of keen interest. Larry invites questions and discussion from the audience. Join the discussion and discover practical ways to tune up your fundraising.

Two Wednesdays per month, Fundraising Made Simple Webinars are broadcast live at 1pm EDT, 12noon CDT, 11am MDT, 10am PDT. Sessions are at no cost to you. BUT YOU MUST REGISTER. Everyone who registers receives a post-session email with a link to the session recording. There is no cost for registration. Register for the session or sessions of your choice using the links below.

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Fundraising as a Community Service
12 May 2021

Fundraising as a way to do community service?  Seems a bit of an oxymoron.  And yet, the act of seeking support for your worthy organization does far more than fuel your mission.  We’ll share a couple of ways fundraising actually improves your organization’s standing in the community–and benefits the community in which your operate as a whole.

Which Fundraising Method is Best?
26 May 2021

We could talk about this for hours.  However, we’ll give you two top methods that work well together.  More money, less cost.  You can use these as the foundation for a comprehensive program that becomes a fundraising machine.

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Can Fundraising Costs be Capitalized?
28 April 2021

How do you account for your fundraising costs?  Here is an idea that allows you to move fundraising costs from expense to capital.  Cut your capital campaign costs.

Fundraising When Money is Tight
31 March 2021

Fundraising is about money, right?  Well, not really.  Larry shares three reasons why fundraising is super important to the success of your organization-and not just for the money it raises.

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