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Fundraising Made Simple Webinars hosted by Larry C Johnson, Founder of The Eight Principles, are brief one-topic sessions taking on the current hottest questions in fundraising. In fifteen minutes, Larry provides insight and ideas on a subject of keen interest. Larry invites questions and discussion from the audience. Join the discussion and discover practical ways to tune up your fundraising.

Two Wednesdays per month, Fundraising Made Simple Webinars are broadcast live at 1pm EDT, 12noon CDT, 11am MDT, 10am PDT. Sessions are at no cost to you. BUT YOU MUST REGISTER. There is no cost for registration. Register for the session or sessions of your choice using the links below.

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Biggest Fundraising Mistake 2: Communicating
23 March 2022

When is communicating with your investors a mistake? Unfortunately most of the time. However, this session will equip you to know when, where and how.

Biggest Fundraising Mistake 3: Being Real
6 April 2022

Perhaps the most insidious mistake that nonprofits make in their fundraising is being too real. That is too everyday. Too pedestrian.

This session will show you how to move beyond the real to the surreal.

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Biggest Fundraising Mistakes 1: Listening
9 March 2022

The challenge is to know who’s listening to whom–and why. Nonprofit organizations unwittingly put themselves into a serious headwind when they’ve not understood what’s really going on.

Effective Fundraising Programs
Part 2: Moving Donors Upward
9 February 2022

Your donors have “voted” their support.  The challenge you face is to move them upward in the levels of giving.  This session takes the challenge and shows you how.

Effective Fundraising Systems Part I:
Sustainable Revenue
19 January 2022

Making a difference in the world requires sustained, stable revenue. Way too many fundraising programs are simply a cobbled collection of individual efforts. We’ll show you how to put it together to move to sustained growth.

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