Equal Sacrifice—not equal amounts

One person asking another face-to-face for a gift to a worthy cause is, without doubt, the most effective way to raise money.  I say effective in that it not only raises the most money but does so while building the relationship that will make future gifts possible.  When approaching another for gift what’s important—asking for the same gift from everyone?  The same as you gave?  No amount at all?

First we need to understand—and fully acknowledge that giving amounts—as do financial situations—vary.  Levels of commitment vary.  So let’s expand a bit on the face-to-face model.  The solicitor who will be successful, even hugely successful, is one who has already made a gift that is truly a sacrifice before they approach another for a gift.  When they present themselves in front of the prospective donor they need to communicate that they have made such a sacrifice and hope that they prospective donor will do likewise.

Mentioning the dollar amount is helpful—but not required.  They key is in having your prospective donor understand the sacrifice.  If you’ve done your homework, you’ll have some idea of what a comparable sacrifice would be from the person whom you are approaching.  It’s always helpful to put that amount before the prospective donor to consider.

The bottom line however, is in communicating commitment to the donor prospect through your sacrifice.  Nothing is more powerful.  You see, fundraising really isn’t about the money.  It’s about shared experiences and commitment.  It’s about people.

Larry C Johnson
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