Developing Your Emotional IQ

Smarts. Empathy. Success.


Knowing how to recognize a donor when you see one.  How to navigate donor dilemmas with finesse.  Achieving the proper mix between renewing donors and acquiring new ones.  Removing the stumbling blocks to success.  Recognizing who’s driving the fundraising dynamic–and why.

Section 1:      Donors are the Drivers™

Donors are the engine propelling fundraising forward. But their money is not the fuel.

Five Lessons

Topics:  starting in the “right” place:  how and why donors participate in philanthropy; when is a donor a “donor”

Section 2:      Renew & Refresh™

Renewing your current supporters at the highest possible rate is your top priority for revenue stability, and secondarily, growth.

Five Lessons

Topics:   why renewal is more critical than acquisition; how to renew and acquire donors; balancing growth with sustainability

Section 3:      Building Your Pipeline I

Appreciating the natural differences between your donors and learn how these affect your ability to sustain and scale your fundraising revenue.

Four Lessons

Topics:  key factors in donor relationships; understanding and applying donor power levers


17 videos, 18 exercises, 2 case studies, 3 podcast interviews, 3 quizzes

Approximate time to complete:  10 hours.

Certification of Completion issued upon submission of all quizzes.
No Bones Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we offer a 14 day full refund. Guaranteed.

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