Acting as if . .

. .the seemingly the most insignificant thing you do today will actually be the spark that moves a philanthropic investor to:

Make that first gift.

Make the gift of a lifetime

Make the introduction to another investor you’ve been hoping to meet

That’s how you create a fundraising juggernaut.

Remembering that fundraising is about PEOPLE NOT ABOUT MONEY.

It’s about people and the relationships between them.

Every single touch.

The smallest of the smallest.

You never know with whom you’re speaking.

Or who’s listening.

Resolve to be alert.  Be consistent.

Losing even one donor is one too many.

There are (almost) unlimited funds.

BUT There is a LIMITED number of persons who will invest in YOU.

Know them and cherish them.

Here at The Eight Principles, we show you how to build the team where everyone in your organization knows how they fit into the fundraising drama. (And I do mean EVERYONE.)

We show you how to not lose investors. How to make your fundraising revenue SOAR.

Our approach works.  Don’t just take our word for it. Here are the numbers.

It’s not for everyone, but it might be for you.


Arrange a ten-minute call and we’ll find out.