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Make it about People Not Money™

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Grow Your Organization’s Fundraising with a five-step plan.

One simple step at a time.

  1.  Watch the Courses

  2.  Execute Your Plan

  3.  Grow Your Fundraising

You're on a Mission

But – the struggle to raise the funds to fulfill that mission never seems to end.

Growing Your Fundraising Sustainably is Overwhelming

. . . without the right perspective and a plan.

Your revenue growth is uneven

You guess instead of following proven principles.

You waste your time pursuing things that don't move the needle.

And that leads to sleepless nights and feeling constantly overwhelmed. We don’t want that for you. The Eight Principles has helped hundreds of nonprofits grow sustainable streams of philanthropic revenue. Our plan will work for you too.

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Where do you start?

First, make it about People Not Money™

Then Join The Eight Principles and Create the Plan to Grow Your Fundraising

We Lead You Step By Step

1. Investors

First, learn

how donors think.

2. Your Supporters

Next, identify your

best supporters

3. Leadership

Then, align leadership

to your goals

4. Structure

Assemble your working


5. Your Plan

Execute your plan.

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When you optimize the five key parts of your fundraising program,  you’ll not only feel confident in your fundraising growth plan – you’ll actually enjoy fundraising.

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First, Join The Eight Principles.

For just $275/year, you get access to our on-demand courses, our community of fundraisers, nonprofit leaders and coaches, and member-exclusive webinars.

Second, Get a Plan.

Our on-demand courses and member-exclusive webinars give you a plan you can easily implement to optimize the five key areas of your fundraising program.

Third, Watch Your Fundraising Grow.

With a plan that’s proven to work for growing any fundraising program, your confidence skyrockets and that feeling of being overwhelmed subsides.
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Become a Certified Practitioner

Be the best.

Make it about People Not Money™.

Don’t waste your time trying a million things when there is a proven approach to be the best.  Creating sustained, growing revenue through lasting relationships.

The Eight Principles Certified Practitioner program gives fundraisers the competitive edge with in-depth practical knowledge of relational philanthropy.

Being a Certified Practitioner is for anyone who wants to get to the top at a rapid 3-month pace alongside fellow fundraisers and nonprofit executives with the weekly support of our team.

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Joy to Fundraiser and Donor

Who’s Talking?

What Others Say About The Eight Principles®

Sally, Senior Fundraising Recruiting Executive
Martin, Fundraising Author and Thought Leader
Jay, Healthcare Executive

Gives you framework, motivation and tools to lead donors to the mountain.

D.C. Dreger

Excellent tool for professional staff and board members.

R. Gregg

“What’s been missing in the non-profit world

S. DeChenne

A powerful presentation of what fundraising really is

K. Foster

Incredible resource—simple but not simplistic.

B. Wilson

Eliminated the longstanding fear of fundraising for my board members.

S. Robson

Amazing for either expert or the just curious.

S. Carver

Clarity, relevance, rigor, and smarts through a new and more helpful lens.

P. Drury

Three Stories of Success

Girl Scouts

The executive director approached The Eight Principles with a desperate plea for help.  The chapter was in serious trouble. The Eight Principles went to work bringing our paradigm-shifting experiences to board and staff.  In less than 120 days, their fundraising results improved by 600%. Every board member was now actively soliciting gifts.

Mind Springs Health

The new CEO set the organization on a firm path.  Now she wanted to build a new hospital. The hospital had an embryonic fundraising program.  The CEO had no fundraising experience. The Eight Principles came to show the path forward to a lasting philanthropic culture.  Staff giving jumped from 15% to 75% and a $34 million hospital became a reality.

Envision Sight and Hearing

The executive reached out to The Eight Principles with his vision. Take a solid yet unremarkable organization and dramatically improve its outreach.  We guided a reorganization of the board, with giving now at 100%. Their donor based tripled and their first endowment campaign was a success. With a lasting philanthropic culture their regional influence continues to grow.

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